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Watch Shots Fired

Today Samsung and Qualcomm announced their entries into the smartwatch race, the Galaxy Gear and Toq, respectively. A few weeks ago I wrote my thoughts on what I thought were some basic requirements. Let’s see how Samsung and Qualcomm do with those: Playing kind of fast and loose with those with the info I could […]


And now the fun topic: wrist wearable tech in general. I think there’s some basic keys to get down before anything else: Persistent display It’ll be pointless without this, any purported convenience factor goes out the window if you can’t just glance at it at any time. There could be tricks to get around it […]

Thoughts on Samsung and Apple

Samsung’s semi win over Apple in Korea1: Apple’s subsequent relative smack down (but not complete win) over Samsung2: Detailed over at FOSS Patents. Also detailed there.