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More Upgrade Rage

Read the previous post if you haven’t read it yet: Why I hate upgrade systems but love Resident Evil 4 I forgot to mention another reason I hate upgrade systems these days, it creates a false sense of depth. This by itself isn’t a huge issue, but the problem is if the developer falls prey […]

Super Hippo Fighter 4

Juri is cruisin’ for a hippo bruisin’, video at IGN. Keep an eye on the hippo animations like the ear flaps and them following the fight, it’s great stuff!    And by “Buy New” they mean “pre-order now and wait for April 27th, when the game actually comes out.” Or if you’re really desperate for […]

WHAT THE HELL?! ESPGALUDA II FOR IPHONE?!@#  If you can read japanese and translate what that says (if it says anything different) please comment because the concept is making my brain explode. …I wouldn’t mind it on the iPad with keyboard controls though.  That’s how I played a bunch of Cave stuff in MAME way back on […]


IPHONE! I decided to finally link the iPhone Game and App DB I’ve been working on for a little while now.  Read the FAQ first, it has rules and tips and stuff! iPhone DB FAQ Also links to the DB are at the end, it’s like a short magical journey to find out what you […]

The Point

The vague plan for this place is for random stuff like games and other dorky related things I guess. Like the Hudson Shooting Watch!  Can you beat my score? The iPhone app doesn’t count.  Cheaters.  I have 275 on that thing though.