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This is What Happens with No Limits

In case you were reading my post on why caravan mode is so great and thinking, “sure it’s cool, but why cut off the fun!”, guys like this ruin endless gameplay for everyone else playing for score: Right now John McAllister, a Washington state locksmith, sits in a game room somewhere in Seattle playing Atari’s […]


It’s actually real, and it’s coming soon. April 10th, and it’s going to be on sale for launch: $4.99 (North America), £2.99 (England), €3.99 (Europe) Normal prices are $8.99, , £5.49, €6.99 Requires iPhone 3GS hardware, which includes the 3rd generation iPod touch, should work on the iPad1 as well (albeit scaled up). Along with […]

Shot Watch Progress

I’m getting old and the button presses aren’t getting any faster. My high (from a few months back) remains 138, while the closest I’ve gotten in the past week or two is 130. It’s at least some progress though, when I had restarted the shot watch crusade I was having trouble breaking 110, but now […]


Actually this won’t have much (if anything) to do with the caravans themselves, just “caravan mode.” That said the Hudson Caravan craze is pretty cool, read up about it over on Hudson’s site here. Caravan mode is another name for time attack mode. For the Hudson tours (where it got the name) as well as […]

Tilt to Live

The title and that screenshot pretty much sum up the game. There’s you (the white arrow), the dots, a whole bunch of other crap going on, and you are tilting to live. I’ll get my complaints out of the way early cause in the end they’re fairly minor. One isn’t a huge deal, but it […]

The most blatant caseof false advertising sinceThe Never Ending Story

…actually this is likely the last part of the upgrade saga. While reviewing my last post this snippet stuck out: The gameplay itself isn’t really enjoyable or redeeming in any way, you’re just playing for the arbitrary rewards. Those rewards are something the developers can crap out every few minutes if they want to…and they […]

More Upgrade Rage

Read the previous post if you haven’t read it yet: Why I hate upgrade systems but love Resident Evil 4 I forgot to mention another reason I hate upgrade systems these days, it creates a false sense of depth. This by itself isn’t a huge issue, but the problem is if the developer falls prey […]

Why I Hate Upgrade Systems but Love Resident Evil 4

UPGRADES! OH BABY! Yes, yes we all love upgrades, and why not? They make everything better, what’s not to like? Well let me get out my cane and bag of Werther’s Originals and pose these questions instead: Why should I upgrade? What’s wrong with what I have now? I think the concept of an upgrade […]

Super Hippo Fighter 4

Juri is cruisin’ for a hippo bruisin’, video at IGN. Keep an eye on the hippo animations like the ear flaps and them following the fight, it’s great stuff!    And by “Buy New” they mean “pre-order now and wait for April 27th, when the game actually comes out.” Or if you’re really desperate for […]

More games I’d buy!

Imports! And still in stock even! I should’ve bought these instead of some of the spend more to save more stuff, Mushihimesama Futari and Espgaluda II:    …then I would’ve needed a stick. The new HRAP Viewlix looks nice… Curse MS’ proprietary USB crap making me weary about buying any 360 peripherals!