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2011 Winter Game Grab Gab Part 2: iOS Crap!

Here’s a bunch of games I’ve picked up over the last few…somethings. It’s hard to tell with iOS, a few of these I picked up without actually getting a chance to play for a while or just completely forgetting that I downloaded them. Damn this crazy app market. Bug Princess (aka Mushihimesama) Well it’s another […]


Finally all that video game playing has paid off, I have been mentioned on the CAVE WORLD Official Blog! Proof in case you think I’m lying about my score: I am proud to be among the Japanese players and a Dreamcast fan.  And if there wasn’t enough goodness, the “possibly related posts” have sexy results:


At last our long national nightmare1 is over, the iPhone version of Dodonpachi Dai FUKKatsu2 is finally out. We may all rejoice in the warm glow of bullets and explosions. Buy now while it’s still on sale! And get Espgaluda II if you haven’t already, it’s not on sale but it won’t be anyways so […]


Well it appears my Foreigner post was a bit hasty: 3G iPads will be out April 30th! Unfortunately as I found out today, they aren’t doing pick up reservations yet. For now I just have to stew over whether to get the 16 or 32GB model. In the meantime I went back to the Apple […]

Portable Bullet Hell has Arrived

And it is bullet heaven! Buy it, it’s on sale!

Burgers vs Apps

This topic of real world objects vs iPhone apps tends to come up a lot in discussions about app pricing. In an environment where so much can be had for 99 cents, or even free, users get accustomed to it and become outraged when something is over a few bucks. $4.99? “Highway robbery!” $9.99? “Are […]


It’s actually real, and it’s coming soon. April 10th, and it’s going to be on sale for launch: $4.99 (North America), £2.99 (England), €3.99 (Europe) Normal prices are $8.99, , £5.49, €6.99 Requires iPhone 3GS hardware, which includes the 3rd generation iPod touch, should work on the iPad1 as well (albeit scaled up). Along with […]


Actually this won’t have much (if anything) to do with the caravans themselves, just “caravan mode.” That said the Hudson Caravan craze is pretty cool, read up about it over on Hudson’s site here. Caravan mode is another name for time attack mode. For the Hudson tours (where it got the name) as well as […]

More games I’d buy!

Imports! And still in stock even! I should’ve bought these instead of some of the spend more to save more stuff, Mushihimesama Futari and Espgaluda II:    …then I would’ve needed a stick. The new HRAP Viewlix looks nice… Curse MS’ proprietary USB crap making me weary about buying any 360 peripherals!

WHAT THE HELL?! ESPGALUDA II FOR IPHONE?!@#  If you can read japanese and translate what that says (if it says anything different) please comment because the concept is making my brain explode. …I wouldn’t mind it on the iPad with keyboard controls though.  That’s how I played a bunch of Cave stuff in MAME way back on […]