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Obligatory new post so this place doesn’t appear dead

…even though it pretty much is. Original post from early July 4th: Just writing this cause I’m going to Anime Expo to help out with STG Weekly, and I gave out this URL, so I figured something needed to be here. If you’re dropping by after seeing us at AX, hope you enjoyed the panel […]

EA Sports on the Midway

EA bought the NBA JAM and NFL Blitz licenses a while back and recently came out with new versions to bring these great franchises back to glory. ONE PROBLEM: BLITZ IS SLIGHTLY LESS HORRIBLE: For reference the original controls were: NBA JAM Offense Defense A Turbo Turbo B Shoot Block C Pass Steal NFL Blitz […]

Portable Bullet Hell has Arrived

And it is bullet heaven! Buy it, it’s on sale!

Burgers vs Apps

This topic of real world objects vs iPhone apps tends to come up a lot in discussions about app pricing. In an environment where so much can be had for 99 cents, or even free, users get accustomed to it and become outraged when something is over a few bucks. $4.99? “Highway robbery!” $9.99? “Are […]

This is What Happens with No Limits

In case you were reading my post on why caravan mode is so great and thinking, “sure it’s cool, but why cut off the fun!”, guys like this ruin endless gameplay for everyone else playing for score: Right now John McAllister, a Washington state locksmith, sits in a game room somewhere in Seattle playing Atari’s […]


It’s actually real, and it’s coming soon. April 10th, and it’s going to be on sale for launch: $4.99 (North America), £2.99 (England), €3.99 (Europe) Normal prices are $8.99, , £5.49, €6.99 Requires iPhone 3GS hardware, which includes the 3rd generation iPod touch, should work on the iPad1 as well (albeit scaled up). Along with […]


Actually this won’t have much (if anything) to do with the caravans themselves, just “caravan mode.” That said the Hudson Caravan craze is pretty cool, read up about it over on Hudson’s site here. Caravan mode is another name for time attack mode. For the Hudson tours (where it got the name) as well as […]

The most blatant caseof false advertising sinceThe Never Ending Story

…actually this is likely the last part of the upgrade saga. While reviewing my last post this snippet stuck out: The gameplay itself isn’t really enjoyable or redeeming in any way, you’re just playing for the arbitrary rewards. Those rewards are something the developers can crap out every few minutes if they want to…and they […]


Sega shouldn’t really bother to do anything other than ridiculous arcadey stuff like this these days.