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The iPad has Landed

The time has finally come, or more accurately it came a few hours ago. This will be limited on actual iPadness though1, since that’ll have to wait for later. This is about the actual buying experience. I drove by at around 4:00 to check out the line, which didn’t seem so bad, just around the […]


Well it appears my Foreigner post was a bit hasty: 3G iPads will be out April 30th! Unfortunately as I found out today, they aren’t doing pick up reservations yet. For now I just have to stew over whether to get the 16 or 32GB model. In the meantime I went back to the Apple […]

I Feel Like a Foreigner

I went with my brother to the Apple Store today, he was planning on a new MacBook Pro1 while I just wanted to mess with an iPad finally. Summary of my iPad experience: Damn there’s a lot of people. When the hell will one of these free up for me to play with! …this dock […]