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Thoughts on Samsung and Apple

Samsung’s semi win over Apple in Korea1: Apple’s subsequent relative smack down (but not complete win) over Samsung2: Detailed over at FOSS Patents. Also detailed there.

Evolutionary Schmevolutionary

Instead of waiting in line for hours like a sucker, I ordered online at just before 1:00am…and waited four days, like a sucker, but from the comfort of my own home. At least I didn’t have to go through the line wait (again) and/or fail and continue to look every day for one in vain. […]

Rebooting Windows

Windows Everywhere That’s some Microsoft mantra that has existed at least since 1998 and apparently still exists today. Misguided perhaps, but only if they literally mean it. Normally I wouldn’t really care, but I found the whole Windows on ARM thing interesting. Sure, part of it has to do with me being an ARM shareholder1, […]

Safari V: Extension’s REVENGE!

Well iOS WordPress didn’t eat the post as much as it somehow swapped the post with a blank draft of a new post, so from the depths of autosaved revision history on the wrong post, the original Safari Extension EXTRAVAGANZA post: Safari has extensions finally! Well it’s had them for over a month, but it […]

Crazy Apple Event Rumor Mongering Time!

Less than a week until the next probably iPod event! I blew my predictions for the iPhone but whatever, there are more exciting possibilites abound for this event. Well not really, just new iPods and maybe AppleTV/iTV. First I say no TV product…cause the invite has a guitar on it. Well maybe but I wouldn’t […]


HEY GUYS I JUST BOUGHT SOME NEW STUFF WHICH MEANS AWESOME NEW CONTENT! Or mostly just an excuse to post stuff since I’ve been slacking massively. I choose to blame school finals and stuff. For now some reflections on the last few posts and recent events: S&P2 is hard1. I expected it to be hard, […]

Last Second Wild iPhone Predictions

This is something I’ve thought about for a while but completely forgot in my last post. The common thinking with the pricing for the new models would be to just replace the 3GS, while bumping the 3GS down to the $99 spot and killing off the 3G. My crazy thinking is that there’s a possibility […]

Crazy Apple Predictions, WWDC and Beyond

Just throwing out a bunch of random crap now so if anything actually turns out true later on I’ll look like a genius. iPhone/iPhone 4/iPhone HD Different case than what we’ve been seeing! Do I really believe that? Not really, but it’s worth a shot, and at the least I’m hoping for all the seams […]

Steve Jobs has Something Against Bloggers

Not that he’s alone or anything, I think most of us hate bloggers, it was just a recurring theme I noticed while reading quotes from Jobs at his D8 appearance. In particular I thought this was reasonable, since really, a lot of blogs are horrible: 7:01 pm: What does the iPad mean for the publishing industry, […]

And You Wonder Why Some People Hate Flash

Sure I may have a Mac, where Flash has blown for well over a decade across ten major releases of the Mac OS1. I may have an iPhone and an iPad where Flash isn’t viewable. I may be an Apple shareholder and would probably benefit long term if Flash died tomorrow. Does that give me […]