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Mysteries of the Mac Cylinder aka crazy baseless speculation

So the Mac Pro was announced, and as feared by some, it turned out to be a small sealed box. Well, the cylinder part came out of nowhere. But since Apple just teased it we’re still in the dark about everything but price and a few top end spec details. The CPU appears to be […]

Mac Non Cube

For people that need full size PCIe cards, my wacky Cube was a bit too wacky. So designing around full size cards, I have an all new disaster! Approximately 7″ x 8.5″ x 14″, actually narrower and just a bit shorter than the Cube, but significantly longer. For reference the big blank box next to […]


WWDC 2013 is coming soon and hardware wise all eyes are on Mac Pro rumors. Well MacBook rumors too but who gives a damn about those.1 While the rumors sound a bit confusing or underwhelming, perhaps pointing to something like this crazy ass modular mockup, my ideal for years has been the triumphant return and […]

2011 Winter Game Grab Gab! Part 1

First Zelda: Skyward Sword came out. Then Black Friday/Cyber Monday/[fill in the blank] Week happened. Then a 3DS deal and multi game deals out of nowhere. And of course iOS crap all the time. Now I have a crapload of stuff that I’ve only partially gotten into and will take a while to finish, so […]

Evolutionary Schmevolutionary

Instead of waiting in line for hours like a sucker, I ordered online at just before 1:00am…and waited four days, like a sucker, but from the comfort of my own home. At least I didn’t have to go through the line wait (again) and/or fail and continue to look every day for one in vain. […]

iPad 2 has arrived

Quick impressions: this is how I feel about my original iPad now:

The First Impulse Buy of 2011

Possibly the greatest? After checking my game related RSS feeds one day I ran across this breaking news. I couldn’t risk missing out on the deal so I pulled the trigger. Opening the box gives you the Dragon Quest Slime Speaker in its full glory1: If you happen to have an older generation Mac mini […]

Screen Nipples for iDevices

Anyone familiar with touchscreen gaming knows that the controls can range from great and unique, to downright horrid. The good stuff usually deals with direct touch input that is only really possible (or at least vastly ideal) on a touchscreen. The bad stuff tends to have a virtual directional pad or analog stick along with […]


I got a Kinect for Christmas. Initial impressions are that it’s kinda cool from a tech standpoint, albeit kinda creepy from the “Xbox is scanning the room with cameras and blasting it with IR dots” perspective. It also seems a bit laggy from my limited experience with the included game, Kinect Adventures (…which doesn’t appear […]


These may seem like plain old scissors for kids (before they went all plastic for “safety”), but these are serious tools for PROFESSIONALS! Electricians to be exact, hence the name “electrician’s scissors.” I assume they’re meant for cutting wires and stuff, and they’re certainly awesome for that, but they cut everything else too. With these […]