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Mac Non Cube

For people that need full size PCIe cards, my wacky Cube was a bit too wacky. So designing around full size cards, I have an all new disaster! Approximately 7″ x 8.5″ x 14″, actually narrower and just a bit shorter than the Cube, but significantly longer. For reference the big blank box next to […]


WWDC 2013 is coming soon and hardware wise all eyes are on Mac Pro rumors. Well MacBook rumors too but who gives a damn about those.1 While the rumors sound a bit confusing or underwhelming, perhaps pointing to something like this crazy ass modular mockup, my ideal for years has been the triumphant return and […]

Thoughts on Samsung and Apple

Samsung’s semi win over Apple in Korea1: Apple’s subsequent relative smack down (but not complete win) over Samsung2: Detailed over at FOSS Patents. Also detailed there.

2011 Winter Game Grab Gab! Part 1

First Zelda: Skyward Sword came out. Then Black Friday/Cyber Monday/[fill in the blank] Week happened. Then a 3DS deal and multi game deals out of nowhere. And of course iOS crap all the time. Now I have a crapload of stuff that I’ve only partially gotten into and will take a while to finish, so […]

Backing up the HD Era

I have no HDTV1, Blu-ray player/PS3, and the only display I have that can show 1920×1080 is the one attached to my computer…and that one doesn’t support HDCP so I couldn’t even play Blu-rays on it if I had a player. But luckily through the world of computer parts and piracy “backup” focused apps, I […]

Evolutionary Schmevolutionary

Instead of waiting in line for hours like a sucker, I ordered online at just before 1:00am…and waited four days, like a sucker, but from the comfort of my own home. At least I didn’t have to go through the line wait (again) and/or fail and continue to look every day for one in vain. […]

iPad 2 has arrived

Quick impressions: this is how I feel about my original iPad now:

Rebooting Windows

Windows Everywhere That’s some Microsoft mantra that has existed at least since 1998 and apparently still exists today. Misguided perhaps, but only if they literally mean it. Normally I wouldn’t really care, but I found the whole Windows on ARM thing interesting. Sure, part of it has to do with me being an ARM shareholder1, […]

The First Impulse Buy of 2011

Possibly the greatest? After checking my game related RSS feeds one day I ran across this breaking news. I couldn’t risk missing out on the deal so I pulled the trigger. Opening the box gives you the Dragon Quest Slime Speaker in its full glory1: If you happen to have an older generation Mac mini […]

iPad 2 Specs Outta Nowhere

My wild guess for weeks (probably months by now!) has been: Cortex A9 CPU Some new PowerVR GPU More RAM …ok that’s about it. I figured a screen resolution bump (to 2048×1536) was way out there, but only because the screen itself. Most people apparently can’t imagine a mobile chipset being able to power it. […]