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EA Sports on the Midway

EA bought the NBA JAM and NFL Blitz licenses a while back and recently came out with new versions to bring these great franchises back to glory. ONE PROBLEM: BLITZ IS SLIGHTLY LESS HORRIBLE: For reference the original controls were: NBA JAM Offense Defense A Turbo Turbo B Shoot Block C Pass Steal NFL Blitz […]

Crown their ass

Ever thought there was a team that beat your team, and they were exactly who you thought they were, but your team let them off the hook? There are many ways of dealing with this dilemma besides crowning their ass. One would be taking out your frustration in Madden, but if you’re on the go, […]

What if Al Davis were black?

Honestly I had never thought of the question before, not even after seeing ESPN’s greatest story ever1. After Al died it was hard to imagine the Raiders being the same ever again. While the last decade of crap was frustrating, some entertainment could still be had cause you never knew what the hell they were […]

NFL Week 6 Recap

Well the Raiders defeated the Browns of course, a costly loss that will be addressed later. As for the rest: Correct: Colts at Bengals Jaguars at Steelers Rams at Packers Cowboys at Patriots Not: Bills at Giants Eagles at Redskins 49ers at Lions Panthers at Falcons Texans at Ravens Saints at Bucs Vikings at Bears […]

NFL Week 6 Preview

First a little primer on where I’m coming from. I’m a Raiders fan. There, done. I have Game Rewind and watch every game, and try to watch as many games as I can of their upcoming opponents1 and will make a prediction based on that. I’ll predict the other games based on voodoo magic and […]