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Oscar Gold 2: War Horse

First off if you haven’t seen Oscar Gold, it was from a Bond parody episode of American Dad: Tearjerker plans to use his masterpiece tragedy film, Oscar Gold, depicting a mentally retarded alcoholic Jewish boy and his cancer-ridden puppy during The Holocaust, to make the moviegoers cry themselves to death literally. Now with that out […]

Transformers: Dark of the Moon (Patrick Dempsey is a Douche)

First off, a disclosure about my history with Transfomers. I grew up obsessed with them, not as crazy obsessive like some people, but I was a pretty big fan. That said I can recognize that the original series probably doesn’t stand up well at all, but I’d probably still enjoy them for one reason or […]

Backing up the HD Era

I have no HDTV1, Blu-ray player/PS3, and the only display I have that can show 1920×1080 is the one attached to my computer…and that one doesn’t support HDCP so I couldn’t even play Blu-rays on it if I had a player. But luckily through the world of computer parts and piracy “backup” focused apps, I […]

Review of that 3D Owl Movie

I actually have no clue what the title of the movie is other than that it includes the words “Legends,” “Guardians,” and something like “Gahoole.” It’s a ridiculously long title that may or may not have “Owls” in it. The easiest way to describe the movie is to compare it to other relatively well known […]