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Finally all that video game playing has paid off, I have been mentioned on the CAVE WORLD Official Blog! Proof in case you think I’m lying about my score: I am proud to be among the Japanese players and a Dreamcast fan.  And if there wasn’t enough goodness, the “possibly related posts” have sexy results:


At last our long national nightmare1 is over, the iPhone version of Dodonpachi Dai FUKKatsu2 is finally out. We may all rejoice in the warm glow of bullets and explosions. Buy now while it’s still on sale! And get Espgaluda II if you haven’t already, it’s not on sale but it won’t be anyways so […]


HEY GUYS I JUST BOUGHT SOME NEW STUFF WHICH MEANS AWESOME NEW CONTENT! Or mostly just an excuse to post stuff since I’ve been slacking massively. I choose to blame school finals and stuff. For now some reflections on the last few posts and recent events: S&P2 is hard1. I expected it to be hard, […]

Sin & Punishment 2 First Impressions

I’ll go over blowing WWDC predictions another day, today is S&P 2 day so here’s a thorough first look at the game to celebrate. HOLY. SHIT. BUY:


Well it appears my Foreigner post was a bit hasty: 3G iPads will be out April 30th! Unfortunately as I found out today, they aren’t doing pick up reservations yet. For now I just have to stew over whether to get the 16 or 32GB model. In the meantime I went back to the Apple […]

LEGO Games . . . Not the Video Kind

Kids these days know LEGO mostly through branded junk like Star Wars, Batman, and Indiana Jones1, or worse, the video games2 based on them. It appears LEGO has now decided to try their hand at the whole game thing, but with actual bricks! It looks like they’ve harnessed the excitement of board games and combined […]

Portable Bullet Hell has Arrived

And it is bullet heaven! Buy it, it’s on sale!

Weight Loss: A Story Told Through Pokemon1

I’ve been plus sized for most of my life, and not even the cool “BIG AND TALL” way or anything2, just fat (although not as bad as those kids on Shaq’s Big Challenge). Through high school I pretty much maintained the same weight up to a point, and by some time in college I was […]

Burgers vs Apps

This topic of real world objects vs iPhone apps tends to come up a lot in discussions about app pricing. In an environment where so much can be had for 99 cents, or even free, users get accustomed to it and become outraged when something is over a few bucks. $4.99? “Highway robbery!” $9.99? “Are […]

This is What Happens with No Limits

In case you were reading my post on why caravan mode is so great and thinking, “sure it’s cool, but why cut off the fun!”, guys like this ruin endless gameplay for everyone else playing for score: Right now John McAllister, a Washington state locksmith, sits in a game room somewhere in Seattle playing Atari’s […]