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Obligatory new post so this place doesn’t appear dead

…even though it pretty much is. Original post from early July 4th: Just writing this cause I’m going to Anime Expo to help out with STG Weekly, and I gave out this URL, so I figured something needed to be here. If you’re dropping by after seeing us at AX, hope you enjoyed the panel […]

Welcome to Butytown

I’ve been playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf for about a month now. This is where it all began: Isabelle You’d like to submit a new design for the Butytown flag? Great! Please show me the design! 70+ hours later I’m still playing and can’t stop. Animal Crossing: New Leaf, $30 on Amazon: Also available digitally […]

Oh snap I’m back

Well I have hosting again, time to crap up the internet like I used to. Today’s adventures come from Fire Emblem: Awakening, sold out most places so I guess buy it on the eShop to take it with you everywhere regardless of whatever game carts you might have. Why take it everywhere you ask? The […]

EA Sports on the Midway

EA bought the NBA JAM and NFL Blitz licenses a while back and recently came out with new versions to bring these great franchises back to glory. ONE PROBLEM: BLITZ IS SLIGHTLY LESS HORRIBLE: For reference the original controls were: NBA JAM Offense Defense A Turbo Turbo B Shoot Block C Pass Steal NFL Blitz […]

2011 Winter Game Grab Gab Part 2: iOS Crap!

Here’s a bunch of games I’ve picked up over the last few…somethings. It’s hard to tell with iOS, a few of these I picked up without actually getting a chance to play for a while or just completely forgetting that I downloaded them. Damn this crazy app market. Bug Princess (aka Mushihimesama) Well it’s another […]

2011 Winter Game Grab Gab! Part 1

First Zelda: Skyward Sword came out. Then Black Friday/Cyber Monday/[fill in the blank] Week happened. Then a 3DS deal and multi game deals out of nowhere. And of course iOS crap all the time. Now I have a crapload of stuff that I’ve only partially gotten into and will take a while to finish, so […]

Crown their ass

Ever thought there was a team that beat your team, and they were exactly who you thought they were, but your team let them off the hook? There are many ways of dealing with this dilemma besides crowning their ass. One would be taking out your frustration in Madden, but if you’re on the go, […]

The First Impulse Buy of 2011

Possibly the greatest? After checking my game related RSS feeds one day I ran across this breaking news. I couldn’t risk missing out on the deal so I pulled the trigger. Opening the box gives you the Dragon Quest Slime Speaker in its full glory1: If you happen to have an older generation Mac mini […]

Screen Nipples for iDevices

Anyone familiar with touchscreen gaming knows that the controls can range from great and unique, to downright horrid. The good stuff usually deals with direct touch input that is only really possible (or at least vastly ideal) on a touchscreen. The bad stuff tends to have a virtual directional pad or analog stick along with […]


I got a Kinect for Christmas. Initial impressions are that it’s kinda cool from a tech standpoint, albeit kinda creepy from the “Xbox is scanning the room with cameras and blasting it with IR dots” perspective. It also seems a bit laggy from my limited experience with the included game, Kinect Adventures (…which doesn’t appear […]