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Mac Non Cube

For people that need full size PCIe cards, my wacky Cube was a bit too wacky. So designing around full size cards, I have an all new disaster! Approximately 7″ x 8.5″ x 14″, actually narrower and just a bit shorter than the Cube, but significantly longer. For reference the big blank box next to […]


WWDC 2013 is coming soon and hardware wise all eyes are on Mac Pro rumors. Well MacBook rumors too but who gives a damn about those.1 While the rumors sound a bit confusing or underwhelming, perhaps pointing to something like this crazy ass modular mockup, my ideal for years has been the triumphant return and […]

Fat Riker? Fat Riker.

I forget how, but I came across a site called Fat Riker. I didn’t read the site at the time because I was so distracted by my disappointment at the lack of a fat Commander Riker photoshop. I have taken matters into my own hands: If you read this Mr. Fat Riker person, feel free […]

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Stylus

Styluses feel kinda stupid on a phone1 but with a big ass screen they can be pretty awesome. Unfortunately the iPad uses a capacitive screen which doesn’t work with sharp pointy objects, leading to the proliferation of blunt stubby objects and various oddly shaped ones. The problem is that most of these suck.2 But I […]

Judgement is Upon Us

I actually hate ratings since they’re stupid and arbitrary values, but years ago I came up with a decent enough system that doesn’t make me sick: You may be confused, so here is a simple guide to this revolutionary1 rating system: Berge — He has enough good qualities that he can come off as a […]


HEY GUYS I JUST BOUGHT SOME NEW STUFF WHICH MEANS AWESOME NEW CONTENT! Or mostly just an excuse to post stuff since I’ve been slacking massively. I choose to blame school finals and stuff. For now some reflections on the last few posts and recent events: S&P2 is hard1. I expected it to be hard, […]

And You Wonder Why Some People Hate Flash

Sure I may have a Mac, where Flash has blown for well over a decade across ten major releases of the Mac OS1. I may have an iPhone and an iPad where Flash isn’t viewable. I may be an Apple shareholder and would probably benefit long term if Flash died tomorrow. Does that give me […]

Redesign Plans

Instead of springing some wild new design out of nowhere I’m posting and giving fair warning first. Well I do want to do that, but there’s a decent chance I’m going to break the design somehow in the process. There are a few reasons: I have no clue what the hell I’m doing I know […]

Messin with CSS

A few days ago I found a font I don’t completely hate (Unborn Editrion) and found it was kind of a pain in the ass to implement. The font substitution in the theme was done with some JS called cufon which I had no clue about before now. It’s not that confusing once you figure it […]

It begins

I was originally going to write my own theme from scratch to get back into the whole web design thing, then I ran into the problem of being HORRIBLY CREATIVELY BANKRUPT. That was yesterday. Today I decided to give it another go, but first I would check out some featured themes for ideas of what […]