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Burgers vs Apps

This topic of real world objects vs iPhone apps tends to come up a lot in discussions about app pricing. In an environment where so much can be had for 99 cents, or even free, users get accustomed to it and become outraged when something is over a few bucks. $4.99? “Highway robbery!” $9.99? “Are […]

Fun with App Store Reviews

I don’t write app reviews often, but when I do I try to have some fun with it. Such as this classic review for Tiny Dancer (which was apparently pulled for being TOO SEXY): This dancer be tiny This app is an interesting look into the life of not just a dancer, but a tiny […]


IPHONE! I decided to finally link the iPhone Game and App DB I’ve been working on for a little while now. ┬áRead the FAQ first, it has rules and tips and stuff! iPhone DB FAQ Also links to the DB are at the end, it’s like a short magical journey to find out what you […]