First off this has nothing to do with lesbians. Just some quick thoughts on going through “Movember” a few months ago.

Apparently other Asians think you’re Japanese if you can grow decent facial hair.

It’s very itchy, which is the main reason I’ll never keep a beard long term.

Since I didn’t trim or clean it up at all it started looking pretty bad. Right around Christmas and New Years (when Koreans go around and do family stuff) I was berated quite a bit by family. Mostly the women. Grandma was the worst of all. Then again she’s always critical so that wasn’t a huge surprise.

And then the weirdest thing, although I have no clue if it had anything to do with the beard. Just sitting there in my car, stopped at a red light, an old bearded, possibly homeless, guy walks across the street. Then he stops right in front of my car and looks in my direction and points. The says something that I can’t hear, smiles and gives a thumbs up, and walks away. I still have no clue what the hell that was about. Maybe he liked my car? Or was he impressed by an asian with a beard?

I’ll never know.