A few weeks late and only quick thoughts for now. In no particular order:

MacBook Pro
Yay they finally killed off the old ones…wait no the 13″ is still there, dammit. Lowered prices as I had hoped and somewhat suspected, but 4GB base? Oy.

Mac Pro
Well it ended up $500-1,000 more than I was hoping at the base, and the spec I was hoping to be the base is kind of in between the two announced levels. My ideal setup was the W7000s D300s paired with the hex core E5-1650 v2 for $2,499. Instead they have the quad core E5-1620 v2 on the low end for $2,999, and hex as the $3,999 model with the mid range D500 GPUs. I’m really really hoping this ends up like the MBA and Retina MBPs, initial high price, lower priced later revisions. That they’re using the lower end Xeons at all is a good sign (all the way up to $texas models for the higher end options).

iPad Air and iPad mini w/Retina Display
I was planning on getting the new iPad mini, now I’m not sure. Big iPad = much easier to type on, view documents on. iPad mini = tiny footprint, light weight. The iPad Air cuts into that weight advantage and cuts off a chunk of the footprint enough that it might make the big iPad viable again. At least they both have the same hardware now, that was the biggest issue with the iPad mini for me so I’m glad they didn’t hold back there. Now if only they had Touch ID, maybe next year.

It’s pretty awesome. Safari no longer sucks up a chunk of CPU while idle, fan speed (and thus noise) is generally lower as a result. Finder tabs have my ridiculous number of windows down to…a less ridiculous number of windows. AirPlay display spanning is pretty awesome. Maps is kinda neat, if nothing else at least it handles Magic Trackpad input nicely, a much nicer experience than Google Maps for basic map use at least. Generally a nice performance update, with some more legacy cut off which raises some issues but will hopefully be ok long term. And free, woo!

iWork (Mac)
“iWork X” probably would’ve been a better name to get people used to the idea that it’s essentially a reboot like FCP X. Hopefully. Haven’t gotten to play with them much, but two basic changes in Numbers are already driving me nuts. They took off the sidebar. THEY TOOK OFF THE SIDEBAR! They replaced it with a horizontal list of worksheets like Excel and everything else. I can kind of understand making it behave like standard apps, but that’s one of the worst things about them. And custom table styles are gone, all that’s left is six template styles. If they don’t build it back up (like they’ve done with FCP X) I’ll be internet raging like crazy. Or just live with it while sending rants through Apple’s feedback page.

iWork (iOS/Web)
I completely forgot about these. They sure are something? I assume they’re the basis of the new Mac version, so my hope is that they also improve as the Mac version does.

Mac mini
Wait what the hell, no Haswell update? Boo! There’s some possible issues with Intel’s pricing for the $599 model so I could see a hold up there, but what I’m really hoping for is a new quieter model designed around what’s left, rather than the optical drive like the previous Mac minis. Or a Mac Pro mini.