For people that need full size PCIe cards, my wacky Cube was a bit too wacky. So designing around full size cards, I have an all new disaster! Approximately 7″ x 8.5″ x 14″, actually narrower and just a bit shorter than the Cube, but significantly longer. For reference the big blank box next to it is the size of the current Mac Pro (minus handles) for comparison.

Cut out a PCIe slot, down to three single width slots vs four, to fit in monstrous heatsinks like on the current Mac Pro, but otherwise the same specs, except now it can fit full length cards. Of course a little additional width or height to play with would change things up, like back to four PCIe slots or adding four more RAM slots.1

  1. …actually there’s just a little space above the heatsinks for a riser and more RAM slots.