Well I have hosting again, time to crap up the internet like I used to. Today’s adventures come from Fire Emblem: Awakening, sold out most places so I guess buy it on the eShop to take it with you everywhere regardless of whatever game carts you might have.

Why take it everywhere you ask? The Hubba Tester! First off here’s my guy:

Let’s see how he does with the ladies:

Well…that’s a bad start.

And that one sums up the story of my life. (Well the other way around…)

And she’s not even a real character in the game!

In case you swing other ways, the Hubba Tester supports that too. This guy is a killing machine but apparently has a thing for me:

Meanwhile this is brother and sister:

Oh and the core gameplay (strategery) is really awesome, the Hubba Tester is just a fun random extra on top of that.

Fire Emblem: Awakening, $40:
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