Honestly I had never thought of the question before, not even after seeing ESPN’s greatest story ever1.

After Al died it was hard to imagine the Raiders being the same ever again. While the last decade of crap was frustrating, some entertainment could still be had cause you never knew what the hell they were going to do. And more amazingly, the last few years of seemingly insane (at the time) moves are actually working out. Turns out crazy old Al still knew what he was doing.

Which brings us to the post Al era. Fake punts, playing a man down on the last play of a game, trading for a bust then starting him a few days later, fake field goal pass on 4th and 20, then going for it on 4th down when a chip shot field goal would seal the game.

Hue Jackson’s reign of terror has been nothing if not interesting. Ultimately his moves have all been in the name of trying to just win, baby, and realistically they’ve just been ballsy moves and nothing too crazy.

Until now.

Not even White Vick shocked me as much as Hue’s latest move. Following the Raiders for many years has dulled me to seemingly crazy moves, but this, this is a whole new level of flabbergastation. The phrase “crazy enough to work” has never seemed so apt.

Welcome back Al. It’s like you secretly escaped into a Lazarus Pit while everyone thought you were dead, and came back stronger than ever. And apparently black.

  1. As fun as a Photoshop would be I’ll hold off on my own…at least for now.