First a little primer on where I’m coming from. I’m a Raiders fan. There, done. I have Game Rewind and watch every game, and try to watch as many games as I can of their upcoming opponents1 and will make a prediction based on that. I’ll predict the other games based on voodoo magic and wild assumptions. With that out of the way:

Cleveland Browns at Oakland Raiders

First of all, what the hell:
Does anyone in southern California give a damn about the Bills vs Giants?

Anyway the Raiders are coming off an emotional last second win over the Texans after the death of dear leader Al Davis. This week they face the Browns, whose only wins are over the 0-5 Colts and 0-4 Dolphins, but they’re coming off a bye week which can do wonders. They may have a decent defense, but stats can be deceiving.

Their pass numbers are good, but poor against the rush, which tends to indicate that teams don’t pass because they don’t have to2. This plays right into the Raiders’ hands. Their pass offense can be dangerous at times, but ultimately they’re a strong running team.

On the other hand their pass defense has been getting shredded, and McCoy has been doing pretty well for a young QB. If the Raiders’ line can’t get to him it could be a long day.

Add all that up for a big day for McFadden (and Bush to finish it off), then some success by McCoy against a maligned pass defense you get:

Raiders over Browns, 73-27

Injuries: Raiders are missing key players in versatile fullback Reece and strong defensive lineman Shaughnessy.
Plagues: The Browns seemed to have a staph problem for years. Now runningback Peyton Hillis has strep throat. What’s next?

The rest of the week 6 games

Colts at Bengals – Bengals win a close one against PAINTERMANIA.

Jaguars at Steelers – Jags manage to keep this closer than expected with MJD as Big Ben gets distracted by cheerleaders more than usual.

Bills at Giants – Victor Cruz bobbles this away to an opportunistic Bills defense while making amazing catches to keep the Giants in the game.

Eagles at Redskins – TIE, YEAH I SAID TIE.

49ers at Lions – I can’t bet against names like Megatron (nickname) and Ndamukong (real name!).

Rams at Packers – QB that looks kind of asian (but apparently Cherokee) against one that has a championship belt? No contest.

Panthers3 at Falcons – CAM!

Texans at Ravens – Upset special? Both teams have good defenses but the Texans have a decent offense…although with the injuries realistically they’re probably screwed here.

Cowboys at Patriots – The Pats managed to kill off Al Davis, the Cowboys won’t be able to stop them.

Saints at Bucs – I figure the Bucs keep it close while Brees scores like crazy to win it in the end, or just blows them out entirely.

Vikings at Bears – Vikings figured out that Peterson is allowed to play in the second half, and Bears are determined to set the sacks allowed record.

Dolphins at Jets – Another upset! Two teams with issues, division rivals, anything can happen.

  1. …except this week cause I didn’t have enough time.
  2. I know this because that’s how the Raiders’ defensive rankings worked for years.
  3. Also my Eliminator bet.