Possibly the greatest?

dq slime speaker box

After checking my game related RSS feeds one day I ran across this breaking news. I couldn’t risk missing out on the deal so I pulled the trigger. Opening the box gives you the Dragon Quest Slime Speaker in its full glory1:

slime speaker

If you happen to have an older generation Mac mini around, the Slime compliments it quite well:

slime on mini

Let’s say you happen to have other questionable creatively designed speakers around, such as this Ladybug:

ladybug vs slime

Both are battery powered and kinda funky looking, and the Ladybug even has a nice feeling finish to it…but it’s not squishy. I’m pretty sure it sounds better (mainly because it has a sub), has some more connectivity (including an iPod dock), and has speakers that spread out a little for just a little semblance of stereo separation…but again, it’s not squishy.

And that face!

If you’re stuck in a game2 and getting a bit frustrated, would you rather look at some cold emotionless speaker, or this:


Its value goes beyond plain old performance and features, but in case you care about that stuff I’ll cover that quickly here. Sound wise…well it’s like any other small speaker, not much bass but at least gets a bit louder than the iPad. It has no volume control but handles input pretty well, like no buzz or anything at input lower volumes.

It uses a standard 3.5mm stereo minijack for input on a retractable cable (beat that, Ladybug!) and runs on four AA batteries (no external power option), up to 40 hours according to the box. It’s a stereo speaker, with the speakers located around the cheek area (if slimes even have cheeks). There’s an on/off slider switch in the back (the ass?) where the minijack retracts cleanly.

But who cares! It works! It’s a (mostly) squishy device that looks like a slime and pumps out sound. It’s pretty light and easy to carry around, so it has actual utility as a portable speaker too! Even my dog got excited about it!

dog vs slime

He ran away after I started playing Bebot through it though.

As of this post the price has now skyrocketed to $18.84. Buy now before it jumps up to collector status and becomes impossible to find!

Dragon Quest Slime Speaker Stand, $18.84 (…FOR NOW):
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  1. Technically since the official name is “Dragon Quest Slime Speaker Stand” it’s not in the full glory there, the stand is in the box. The stand takes away a bit in terms of portability and looks, with a big plastic thing hanging off the back. It’s also a kind of a pain to remove once you stick it on…so don’t bother unless you’re really going to use it.
  2. This particular game is Block Rogue (for both iPhone/iPod touch and iPad), I’ll be writing a review later, but until then my quick impression is Hippo.