My wild guess for weeks (probably months by now!) has been:

  • Cortex A9 CPU
  • Some new PowerVR GPU
  • More RAM

…ok that’s about it. I figured a screen resolution bump (to 2048×1536) was way out there, but only because the screen itself. Most people apparently can’t imagine a mobile chipset being able to power it.


Yes the Apple A4 SoC only came out last year, but ultimately the cores in it, ARM Cortex A82 and PowerVR SGX 535, are designs originally from 2005 and 2007. That crap is old! Granted actual chips based off of them probably didn’t come out until way later, and the ones in the A4 are probably clocked up to hell and all. But still, much better new stuff has been designed and come out since then, such as multicore A9 and SGX3 designs.

And everyone worrying about battery life has a valid concern, but they’re also idiots. Efficiency is apparently a magical foreign concept to them. Intel CPUs are ridiculously faster than older generations, yet take up much less power. The iPhone 4 pushes four times the pixels of the iPhone 3G, is much more powerful, yet gets more battery life.


…is what those kids would say. Maybe I was wrong, the kids aren’t all right. They’re idiots.

  1. Not that I expect it myself…but it looks more likely than I thought.
  2. The Apple SoC naming is going to get confusing once it reaches A8.
  3. SGX 543 you say?