I got a Kinect for Christmas. Initial impressions are that it’s kinda cool from a tech standpoint, albeit kinda creepy from the “Xbox is scanning the room with cameras and blasting it with IR dots” perspective.

It also seems a bit laggy from my limited experience with the included game, Kinect Adventures (…which doesn’t appear to use your avatar by default for whatever reason). In the game where you have to hit the bouncing balls it can be a problem, you can adjust to it but it’s pretty annoying. Doesn’t help that it’s 30fps too, no clue if that’s a Kinect input limitation or just this game.

Now the real achilles heels of the Kinect are well publicized by now, one being black people1, and the other physical play space. I’m not black so I got a pass there, but here’s a poorly drawn diagram of my play area:

The green is the IR blast radius, the red is the closest play area, blue is the ideal. I can actually play a bit within the space between my desk and bed (and non humping ottoman), I’m just screwed if I have to do anything within the lower left quadrant of the screen cause I can’t reach there at all.

So as far as Kinect is concerned, I’d rather be a black man.

  1. Black people can play, it’s just the facial recognition that doesn’t work if the lighting isn’t right. I guess they all just look the same to it.

    I know how that feels.