Well iOS WordPress didn’t eat the post as much as it somehow swapped the post with a blank draft of a new post, so from the depths of autosaved revision history on the wrong post, the original Safari Extension EXTRAVAGANZA post:

Safari has extensions finally! Well it’s had them for over a month, but it takes time to sift through the countless pieces of crap that’s out there. These new extensions are like the Mac extensions of old — stuff can randomly conflict and cause problems, but it won’t take down the computer at least, and most of the time the conflicts just result in mysterious rendering issues that are a massive pain to troubleshoot if you have a bunch installed…again just like Mac extensions of old!

Pros: a lot of crap can be done with CSS and Javascript, along with other little bits Apple has included in their little extension setup.
Cons: crap can still go wrong, the simple prefpane interface can get a bit unwieldy if you have a bunch installed, can’t reorder extensions once installed (which determines contextual menu appearance order), no submenus in the contextual menus, basically it’s not as flexible as Firefox.
More pros: it’s not Firefox.

Now with that out of the way, the extensions:

Sessions – Save all the crap you have open! You can save (or auto save!) and restore sets of windows/tabs so crashing or quitting isn’t an obnoxious disaster of losing all the pages you had open.1
Ultimate Status Bar – It’s like Chrome’s fancy disappearing status bar that saves some space, but better! It unshortens those pesky shortened URLs, shows linked file sizes, and has themes, even one with marching ants and a UNICORN!
Resizer – Lets you set window size presets to toggle in case you’re anal about that stuff. Also useful for site layout testing at different resolutions.
autocomplete – Enables autofill on certain forms that are normally disabled, usually on bank sites and other important places…then again maybe that’s not a good idea.
CenterImages – Prettifies when you load images. Centers the image, zooms to fill window on click, can increase contrast, and can do a drop shadow or reflection…cause why not at that point.
Switchtabs – Puts a list of the current window’s tabs right in the contextual menu. This is where submenus would be useful, the contextual menu gets huge if you have a bunch of tabs open.

Obnoxiousness Reduction
NoMoreiTunes – Hate when you click on an iTunes link and iTunes opens instead of just leaving you at the web page? Get this extension! You can still click through to iTunes if you wish, basically it only opens when you want it to open.
ClickToPlugin – Blocks plugins until you click on them, possibly a bit aggressive with it’s default settings but good nonetheless.
JavaScript Blacklist – Blocks javascript from annoying places and has a custom blacklist.
AdBlock – Blocks ads like crazy…but I don’t use it since it can potentially be kinda crashy or beachball-y.

Search and Somewhat Search-like Stuff
Popsearch – Pops up a customizable search widget with a key shortcut.
CustomSearch – Puts customizable search stuff in the contextual menu.
InvisibleHand – Does fancy shopping comparison stuff on various store sites.
Franker – Does some wacky translation stuff where the translated text is displayed inline with the foreigners’ gibberish.
Keywurl – Not an extension (it’s a SIMBL plugin) but it’s the best one here for searching, kinda, if you like how Chrome works at least.

A Cleaner YouTube – Makes YouTube all clean looking like those artsy Helvetica inspired designs. Possibly a bit too clean and sterile, it’s not the same without the hateful comments showing by default.
YouTube video downloader – Sticks a download link on video pages.
FullScreenYouTube – When using the HTML5 player it inserts a fullscreen button.
YoutubeWide – Defaults the viewer to the larger wide size.

Other Site Specific Stuff
Google Reader Styles – Has a bunch of Reader stylesheets to make it less ugly. I think there’s an extension for GMail too. It’s like they only know how to make ugly things.
Simplify GR – Another Reader prettifier extension, but uses a light box style thing for links instead of opening new windows/tabs as usual.
Google Maps Scroll Zoom – Disables the obnoxious scroll = zoom thing Google Maps does. Sure seems to be a bunch of these things for Google sites!
Affiliatizer For Safari – Lets you pay friends through your Amazon purchases! Enter hippotrouble-20 and stanhasissues-20 into the fields for maximum enjoyment.
AvianSafari – The best extension for Twitter, even better than the official one!2

Other Random Crap
Copy All Links – If there’s a bunch of links within text that you want without manually copying every single one, highlight the text and select this extension from the contextual menu…possibly Mac only cause you need to be able to highlight and copy the links from the dialog window.
Text2Link – If there’s plaintext links (no link HTML) this lets you click them instead of having to copy paste them.
BetterSource – Does fancy source code highlighting and unlike the regular “View Source” command this can display the generated source, useful for uh, dynamic pages that change code and stuff. I think I used it to download a video or something before.
Imgur upload – Uploads images stright to Imgur. I’ve never heard of them before this extension either.
Awesome Screenshot – Takes a screenshot of the current content and lets you do other crap to it before saving it.
Page Capture – Another “not an extension” (it’s an OS X Dashboard widget) but useful in that it can take a screenshot of the entire page, not just what’s currently displayed in the window. Useful for documenting hilarious/embarrassing threads.

  1. Unless you’re writing a big ass post in a text field that doesn’t auto save server side, then you’re boned.
  2. I may be possibly biased since my friend made the extension and I did the icon, but it’s legitimately good!