Less than a week until the next probably iPod event! I blew my predictions for the iPhone but whatever, there are more exciting possibilites abound for this event. Well not really, just new iPods and maybe AppleTV/iTV. First I say no TV product…cause the invite has a guitar on it. Well maybe but I wouldn’t bet on it.

iPod touch
Cameras! Facetime! Retinas! Maybe GPS and MAGNETOMETER like the iPad, or not. Can’t say I really care about the iPod touch cause it’s just a crippled thin iPhone. With chrome! Whoop de doo.

Some people are saying it’s the new nano, but my wild new rumor is new iPod to replace the nano and shuffle, kill ’em both off! The current shuffle kinda sucks interface wise while the nano sucks as a camera. I figure they’ll push the new touch as the camera of the family, then this thing as the new tiny flash based iPod to rule them all. If it’s a new iPod, I dunno, iPod micro? Air? EXTREME?

Interface would basically be like the current iPod but with touch control like the iPhone and redesigned/optimized for the small screen. Probably based on a stripped down iOS on a lower power ARM but they won’t mention it unless they open up development for it, like the embedded OSes of old where no one knew or gave a damn.

No clue what the resolution would be but using common round numbers, 320px would be 271ppi, 240px would be 203ppi. Not retina burning, but still sharp. Going lower 160px would be 135ppi, right around the iPad, while 200px gets it to 169ppi, right around the old iPhone.

The biggest deal is that it’d be a return to the fat form factor!


Then possibly cloud crap, maybe kill or tweak the classic, and possibly AppleTV but whatever. September 1st will be all about the FATCITEMENT!

Oh I want iOS 4 for iPad too, damn thing needs folders and multitasking already. And Korean keyboard for the oldsters. Not so wild wildcard prediction: new UI stuff! Some Dashboard like widgety thing, maybe lock screen stuff, different UI for app switching, etc. Bunch of new crap specific to the iPad basically.

White iPhone
AKA the good one. I think the white iPhone is about the only thing that can top FATCITEMENT for me. My prediction has been October 1st for a while now, basically the day after the free case/bumper program goes out.