At last our long national nightmare1 is over, the iPhone version of Dodonpachi Dai FUKKatsu2 is finally out. We may all rejoice in the warm glow of bullets and explosions.

Buy now while it’s still on sale!


And get Espgaluda II if you haven’t already, it’s not on sale but it won’t be anyways so just buy it now!

  1. It was really a GLOBAL NIGHTMARE, everyone in the world was waiting for it to become downloadable! Whatever the case it was fitting that it took the US of A to get it working. Just reiterates the supremacy of this great nation.3
  2. The actual iPhone name of “Resurrection” is so boring. FUKKATSU!
  3. Other than making shooting games. And many other games, like Vanquish (preorder for bonus weapons!). Go Japan! I forgive you for raping all the other nearby nations and probably my ancestors4 way back in the day!
  4. Realistic chance! Lotta inbreeding in Korea to keep the blood “pure,” you know how many “Kim”s there are?