Or mostly just an excuse to post stuff since I’ve been slacking massively. I choose to blame school finals and stuff.

For now some reflections on the last few posts and recent events:

  • S&P2 is hard1. I expected it to be hard, but it’s been over a month since I’ve gotten it and I still haven’t beaten it. And it’s supposed to be a short game. While I’ve been busy I’ve still gotten a good number of hours into it, but I keep…getting…stuck. But it’s a good hard so it’s still awesome.
  • Mac mini out of nowhere!  Just got one to replace my mom’s crappy HP. I am depending on iPhoto to get her to switch instead of putting Windows on it. Looking through her Picasa library I think it’ll be good for her…there were around 5 gigs in duplicate copies of photos in there spread over god knows how many folders.2
  • Where the hell is the white iPhone?
  • Where the hell is iOS 4 for iPad?
  • Still waiting to see what the new AppleTV will be. At least Cox will be offering TiVos soon supposedly! I’ve been thinking about doing my own DVR setup but apparently anything involving a CableCard is just as expensive.
  • I don’t think I ever mentioned it but what the hell, Dropbox is nice. Sign up here and receive an extra 250MB free!3
  • Craploads of apps. A bunch suck of course but it’s something I should be reviewing cause there’s some good stuff too.


  • A review of electrician’s scissors! Klein and Weis to be exact. Why should you be excited about scissors that look like ones you probably used in elementary school?4
  • Cause they’re AWESOME! At cutting things I mean. Ergonomically and aesthetically they’re nothing to call home about, although they do have the old cheapo looking charm to them, before the blades come a cuttin’.

  • Stuff about USB power! Like my eneloop Mobile Booster that doesn’t appear to be sold anywhere, and the Griffin Simplifi, Belkin surge protector/USB charger thing, and a dual USB thing I found at Fry’s. EXCITEMENT!
  • Possibly a new Mac mini review! After that iPad one I’ve been planning for a few months now. Also ignore that once I set up the mini I probably won’t be using it since it’ll be for my mom.
  • Safari Extension MEGAPOST. My many extensions, let me show you them.
  • ARTWORK. Or the closest thing I’ve done in a long time. By “artwork” I mean some icons I’m doing for someone’s Safari extensions.
  • Some app reviews. There’s some good lesser known stuff that needs more recognition, and some other well known stuff that needs to be knocked down a peg.

Exciting times await us. But seriously where the hell is the white iPhone. I blame Mark Papermaster. No one would give a damn about the antenna if they had whiteness to distract them.

  1. Hard enough that some reviewers apparently reviewed it on easy and never actually finished hard.
  2. Yes this is a thinly veiled mocking of Google products vs Apple’s. And yeah I know Picasa wasn’t originally theirs but it is now.
  3. I get 250MB too! You can sign up others and get 250MB using your own referral once you sign up, it’s like a massive pyramid scheme! It’s genius!
  4. Well if you’re in your late 20s at least, before they gave all the youngin’s plastic safety “scissors” that were more like two sticks of plastic that rub tightly together but don’t have the ability to actually cut anything.