This is something I’ve thought about for a while but completely forgot in my last post. The common thinking with the pricing for the new models would be to just replace the 3GS, while bumping the 3GS down to the $99 spot and killing off the 3G.

My crazy thinking is that there’s a possibility they’ll kill off the 3GS too. I figure one reason the 3G survived for so long was that it looked identical to the 3GS. The new one probably isn’t going to look anything like it.

They’ve done similar stuff before, like keeping the old white MacBook around when the unibody model first came out, or shipping G4 towers for a while when the G5 came out (for customers that needed to boot OS 9), but shipping different generations of the same product is pretty rare for Apple.

While I don’t think it’s likely, I figure there’s a chance that they come out with a $99 version of the new model.

And one other one that doesn’t really matter much for the US, unlocked iPhones…just cause. Hell the iPad is completely unlocked, why not the iPhone too? If they’re still standard 3G GSM then there’s still no other carrier that could use 3G, but desperate T-Mobile customers may put up with that limitation. It’s not like they’re Verizon, and the only other thing AT&T would lose out on is their exorbitant international roaming fees (that a lot of people avoid in the first place).