Sure I may have a Mac, where Flash has blown for well over a decade across ten major releases of the Mac OS1. I may have an iPhone and an iPad where Flash isn’t viewable. I may be an Apple shareholder and would probably benefit long term if Flash died tomorrow.

Does that give me reason to have an agenda against Flash? It sure does!

But generally I don’t care too much about it normally. I do think it has legitimate uses like animation2 and games in particular…sure they could be done with crazy HTML and whatnot, but with the state of browsers and not completely consistent rendering among them3, I can understand using Flash for now.

What really bugs me is horribly pointless uses of it. Hell I can understand even using it in place of simple stuff that could be only be done in newer browsers (like fancy layouts and transitions) for compatibility’s sake, but there are more uses that could be replaced with crap we’ve seen in the 90s. Apparently some people are too good for image maps these days. Or animated GIFs. Or basic forms! Are you designers really that retarded?!

Going by the level of most Flash implementations on the web I’m assuming you all pirated it, cause I’m sure you didn’t pay $700 to make ugly junk with it. And knowing pirates, I’m assuming you got the whole Adobe Creative Suite too (all $1900 of it!). It has Dreamweaver and Photoshop too you know, use those instead. It’ll handle most of the stuff you’re poorly pulling off in Flash…without Flash!

Here’s an example I ran into today while taking an online class for my insurance license4:


I figured maybe the example link had something useful…


A lot of times you can argue that something is good, and it’s just a few people that ruin it for everyone else. With Flash, it’s the majority that ruins it5. The good designers should move on to something else, Flash should burn in hell but I wouldn’t want the few talented people to disappear along with it.

  1. I actually have no clue if Flash 1.0 was for System 7.x, all I could find was that it came out around 1996. Also a bunch of pirate download sites.
  2. But not videos! By animation I mean stuff animated/rendered live in the browser.
  3. This is why I think WebKit should take over the world. Everyone wants standards, make the renderer itself a standard!
  4. Uploaded in WordPress…which uses Flash for uploads.
  5. Conveniently ignore that this also applies to most of the internet.