The time has finally come, or more accurately it came a few hours ago. This will be limited on actual iPadness though1, since that’ll have to wait for later. This is about the actual buying experience.

I drove by at around 4:00 to check out the line, which didn’t seem so bad, just around the side of the building. Instead of waiting around I decided to get a cheap iPad stand and headed off to Office Depot. I found a $3-4 one, clear plastic, and seems to work well enough. The best part? When sideways it looks like the ship from Darius!2

I got back to the Apple Store around 4:30-4:40 and the line was now wrapped around the back. While the original wifi iPad launch had moved quickly by all accounts…this one did not. In the hour or so in line I was amused by the couple with a nice looking dog up ahead, two older ladies discussing how many iPads to get and what size (and whether to get wifi ones too), some older guys behind me, and some kids, apparently sent there to wait in line for their parents.3

The old dudes and the kids provided the highlights that made the wait better…and worse. The kids were entertaining, if only for their complaining, with the classic “this is gay” argument. The old guys mostly chatted about business sounding stuff, until some apparently hot woman walked by, and one of them missed it.

There was some exchange about how “your radar is broken,” then a mention of her huge “rack” (or “boobs,” pretty sure I heard multiple breast words). This led to a questioning and apparent confirmation of naturalness. I think they said “the black chick” too at some point. I believe she walked by the line again later on, judging by their quick silence when one particular woman went past.

And yes she was hot, but I couldn’t tell the naturalness of her breasts.

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  1. Limited because I am typing this on the iPad, and they didn’t have the Camera Connection Kit in stock, so I can’t type with a USB keyboard yet. Typing the HTML still sucks.
  2. I’d post a picture…but the whole doing this on the iPad thing again, oh well.
  3. I think this iPad thing is selling well.