Well it appears my Foreigner post was a bit hasty: 3G iPads will be out April 30th! Unfortunately as I found out today, they aren’t doing pick up reservations yet. For now I just have to stew over whether to get the 16 or 32GB model.

In the meantime I went back to the Apple Store to check what exactly is wrong with my brother’s old MBP, battery and DVD laser apparently. $129 for a battery, $240 for a new optical drive…no thanks, bro.

On the plus side I got to screw around more with the iPad, by which I mean sign on to the App Store with my account, download ESPGALUDA II, then stand there and play for 20 minutes straight or so. I could give impressions of the gameplay, or write about how I sucked pretty bad (scoring wise at least), but it’s all pointless because…GOOD GOD IT’S INCREDIBLY AWESOME JUST BUY IT NOW:

UPDATE: See, it is awesome!