I went with my brother to the Apple Store today, he was planning on a new MacBook Pro1 while I just wanted to mess with an iPad finally.

Summary of my iPad experience:

  • Damn there’s a lot of people.
  • When the hell will one of these free up for me to play with!
  • …this dock cable is really twisted and frayed.
  • Everyone was right, this is surprisingly heavy.
  • :Grinning like an idiot:
  • The MLB app really is crashy.
  • That music next to me sounds familiar…hey Flight Control is on these things!
  • :Proceeds to destroy the high score:
  • Hippo Trouble looks nice…other than the damn fixed background thing on iDevice Safari.
  • ESPN.com looks pretty awesome, hey Laker highlights!
  • Said Laker highlights sparks a short conversation with an older couple asking about the iPad.
  • They mention the weight, I say it’s surprisingly heavy and hand it to them, they think it’s light. Maybe they’re making an immediate comparison to the 20″ iMac they’re lugging around?
  • I can’t wait.

Well I don’t have a choice. The announced date was “late April” of course so I was expecting that. But nooooo, the store is now showing May 7th. Just a few days ago I was mocking foreigners for having to wait for the newly announced May date for them, and now here I am in the same boat.

I’m not from some damn third world country2, this is America dammit! Those worldwide iPads better be coming after May 7th so I can rub in American superiority as usual!


Posted from my iPhone.

And yes it was an incredible pain in the ass3, it just shows how much of an outrage this is! I have a hard enough time as a minority, now I have to wait for superior electronics like a foreigner!

  1. And yes he complained about the sharp edges within a few hours of using it.
  2. Third world country = anything other than the United States of America. I’m not sure where US territories like Guam fit in though, did they get iPads on April 3rd?
  3. It is incredibly hard to write HTML code on the iPhone keyboard. Opening and closing tags takes a whole bunch of keyboard switching.