Kids these days know LEGO mostly through branded junk like Star Wars, Batman, and Indiana Jones1, or worse, the video games2 based on them. It appears LEGO has now decided to try their hand at the whole game thing, but with actual bricks!

LEGO Brand Retail

It looks like they’ve harnessed the excitement of board games and combined with LEGO…for board games that you have to put together yourself. Yeah I guess that doesn’t sound that fun now that I think about it. The slow pace of board games preceded by the slow methodical construction of LEGO models just to get the game going in the first place. Well Creationary seems pretty obvious and the most in the spirit of brick building at least:

It’s Pictionary, but with LEGO! Yeah that’s about it, simple! It’s about using the bricks to build things that resemble objects, basically what LEGO is all about. Can’t ask for much more than that.

Now if you do want more than that there’s apparently nine other games…I have no clue how the hell they play though. They all look confusing and have dice (even have to put that together), I guess they’re more like regular board games with building elements tacked on, I’m not even sure they all have building in the gameplay itself. Like if you just put everything together and play a regular game, boourns to that!3

But again I have no clue about the other ones, they might be awesome and inventive about building stuff for all I know. There’s too many to look into, it’s all confusing. I’ll just buy them for my nephew and he can figure it out.

And getting off topic a bit, but if you buy LEGO stuff, buy it straight from them. They seem to have the best prices, it’s like a bizarro official store where they don’t gouge you. Unless you get that $500 Millennium Falcon, look at that behemoth!

Well at over 5,000 pieces I guess that’s less than 10 cents a brick, and it is pretty huge and awesome (I saw one at LEGOLAND4 in Carlsbad).

  1. Well I’m actually a sucker for the branded crap, it’s not toooo different from the old themed lines…they’re just themed by an outside company. I have a thing for their Ferrari stuff too, and I don’t even like Ferrari5.
  2. The games I’m not too hot on though. Maybe their MMO could be kinda cool? On the other hand it has the potential for the grindiest grind ever grinded. Why work your way up to horse armor when you can work your way up to 20 individual bricks that form horse armor!
  3. Seriously, are you supposed to take them apart and put it all back together every time you play or something? Or just put it together once and never again?
  4. It’s hard to type LEGO correctly so many times. All caps, never plural. There’s no plural of LEGO itself cause that’s the brand or something, the objects are the “bricks”, so the plural is “LEGO bricks”. Or maybe it was blocks? I forget, correct branding is too confusing!
  5. Outrun has done the same thing. Don’t really care too much for their cars normally, but they’re awesome when sliding sideways at 180mph6 through random locales.
  6. That makes more sense than all the other cars going almost as fast. SUV, station wagon, hatchback, bus, big rig, driving along at 170mph? No problem! Hell they can take all the turns just as fast without having to resort to sliding around.