I’ve been plus sized for most of my life, and not even the cool “BIG AND TALL” way or anything2, just fat (although not as bad as those kids on Shaq’s Big Challenge). Through high school I pretty much maintained the same weight up to a point, and by some time in college I was up 10-20 pounds. My frame was a bit different so it didn’t look as bad I guess. Then after college working with the family and eating at our food court every day eventually took it’s toll. I gained somewhere between 20-30 pounds.

So yeah I was already a fat kid, then pack on 50 more pounds and you have A BIG FAT DYNAMO!

big fat dynamo!

This is before he tripled his productivity, Miss "Doesn't find me attractive sexually anymore"

Wait this was supposed to be about Pokémon. I was more like Snorlax!3

This was probably the extent of my exercise too

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing! From the Wikipedia entry on Snorlax:

Called a “a cat with a glandular disorder” by USA Today and “downright silly” by GameSpy, Snorlax has been well received by the media. IGN described Snorlax as “one of the most powerful Pokémon of all” in its own “peculiar way”, noting its high strength and immobility when it decides to sleep. IGN editor “Pokémon of the Day Chick” called Snorlax the “single most popular non-evolver that isn’t also a legendary out there”. GamesRadar called the character a fan favorite, further describing it as “perhaps the most American of Pokemon”. Media and the Make-believe Worlds of Children found that children could relate to the character and interpret aspects of themselves in a positive light, and described it as an icon for a state of regression, but also symbolizing powerful characteristics for children.

He’s strong, represents American values, and thinks of the children. Hating on Snorlax is hating America, and the kids.

Now the problem with being Snorlax is that humans tend to have massive issues and die early and stuff, not to mention possible psychological effects4. The whole family decided to try to lose weight…cause damn we all struggle with it. One key (among many), eat healthier!

I don't actually eat much sushi. And the amount of rice here can't help weight loss.

About a year later I had lost around 40-50 pounds (and gained back 10-20), so I was back to my high school weight…still pretty chunky, just not as ridiculous. Basically I had devolved into Munchlax5:

I also have overly large shirts that hang too low

I was this way for a year or so, when a business acquaintance showed up at work a lot thinner than anyone remembered. He was one of the true big and tall types…and he’s still that way technically, but still he lost a lot. He suggested my dad and I look into this program he was in. A few months later I was 40 pounds lighter6. (Yet I can’t jump any higher. As a basketball fan this was quite annoying.)

Now I’d post a picture of a Pokémon but there’s no smaller evolution of Munchlax, and it’s been too long since I’ve played the game or seen the show, so the closest I came up with is Brock:

I couldn't pull that outfit off, but Brock can

He’s even got squinty asian eyes! (I have no clue if he’s supposed to be black or just some dark guy or what though. Anime can get weird with race cause…they all look the same.) I’m not as fit as him or anything, still a bit pudgy, but he was the closest approximation. And like me, he gets easily distracted by cute girls7:

If only I was this confident

And gets along with animals!

Yet again displaying better fashion sense than me

I forget where I was going with this. Originally this post was about how the iPhone app Lose It helped me lose and keep the weight off, but talking about Pokémon was more fun. And that’s the key to weight loss, enjoy what you have instead of lamenting what you’re leaving out.

Or just distract yourself by thinking about fun things like Pokémon, it’s easier and they’re cuter7.

  1. I know there’s an accent mark in Pokémon…unfortunately to save space and bandwidth I stripped accented characters out of this font thinking “hah, when will I ever need special characters in a title!” Apparently April, 2010.
  2. I’m a normal asian guy, so probably short compared to most of you white folk.
  3. Back in 11th grade or so my friend told me excitedly, “I saw a Pokémon version of you!” or something, so the comparison is actually quite apt.
  4. Such as being incredibly shy and introverted, not to mention incredibly self conscious, and generally borderline insane. The publicly acceptable kind of insane at least, where no one really knows you’re insane until they talk to you.
  5. Munchlax evolves into Snorlax via happiness. See? Fat can be good.
  6. Yes it was extremely fast, I chose the extremely fast method cause I don’t have patience.
  7. The world of Pokémon is filled with them8, yet Brock always fails. I know how he feels.
  8. Never look them up in an image search. Or any Pokémon at all. You cannot unsee what you will see.