In case you were reading my post on why caravan mode is so great and thinking, “sure it’s cool, but why cut off the fun!”, guys like this ruin endless gameplay for everyone else playing for score:

Right now John McAllister, a Washington state locksmith, sits in a game room somewhere in Seattle playing Atari’s 1979 arcade classic Asteroids while cameras and a friend watch on.

He’s been playing since Saturday, now roughly 45 hours later McAllister is within a day of toppling an arcade high score set back in 1982 by Scott Safran. Safran managed to rack up an impressive score of 41,336,440.

That said it’s still an impressive feat, and what tempers the insanity a bit is that he’s not even playing the whole time:

Lives are lost when McAllister stops his endless button mashing to use the bathroom or take a breather. This isn’t literal death, but dying in the vernacular of gaming. The classic Atari arcade cabinet McAllister is playing on has no pause button and even if it did he couldn’t use it, not and make the high score count.

So instead when McAllister wants to take a break he just steps away from the machine and leaves his tiny triangular black and white space ship to the whims of fate and fortune. In the live video streamed across the Internet during the record attempt McAllister, dressed in a black t-shirt and shorts, can be seen wandering in and out of the shot, pacing, eating chicken, not playing Asteroids.

Soon enough he will taste the sweet taste of victory.

It will probably taste like chicken.