I’m getting old and the button presses aren’t getting any faster. My high (from a few months back) remains 138, while the closest I’ve gotten in the past week or two is 130. It’s at least some progress though, when I had restarted the shot watch crusade I was having trouble breaking 110, but now I’m somewhat regularly breaking 120. Whatever the case I’m faster than Arino, but only on par with a 50 year old Master Takahashi.

I made a video but it didn’t turn out well because I have no mic, so you can’t hear the button presses and table sounding like it’s about to fall apart, and lighting was kind of bad for the Xbox 360 camera, so it just ended up as a blurry finger. Cut down into a short looping GIF of the 124 shot run:

thumb blur

The ultimate time attack

I got mine on NCS’ eBay shop for around $20, but it’s not showing up anymore. There are a few for around $40…or the Super Shooting Watch for $30.

You can always cheap out with the iPhone app, only 99 cents! I have 275 on that using the cheater rub technique.
Shot Watch