A few days ago I found a font I don’t completely hate (Unborn Editrion) and found it was kind of a pain in the ass to implement. The font substitution in the theme was done with some JS calledĀ cufon which I had no clue about before now. It’s not that confusing once you figure it out at least, although kind of annoying to work with since the editors I used didn’t refresh the font size on the fly, I had to reload the page manually every time to see the changes.

With that out of the way I got to screwing with/butchering the layout ever so slightly, that was much more annoying. All the widths are hard coded with a few columns within columns, not that complex, just really annoying. All encompassing wrapper, sidebar with two columns, content with two columns, with the three small columns sharing the same class. Then the nine comment depth classes. The end result was widening the content area by about 70 pixels while only adding 20 overall. It’s still pretty wide but still thinner than the Gawker layouts at least, while having more space for content even!…but less for ads.

Speaking of which, CSS on iTunes!

Back to the site, now that I’m somewhat ok with the layout I can mess with the colors. Look how ugly I can make it!

Well other than being puketastic it shows me what stuff I can change up easily just through the CSS. I could do fancy crap like graphics but I probably won’t.

I’m tempted to do stripes somewhere though.