I was originally going to write my own theme from scratch to get back into the whole web design thing, then I ran into the problem of being HORRIBLY CREATIVELY BANKRUPT. That was yesterday. Today I decided to give it another go, but first I would check out some featured themes for ideas of what I might like. It was going well, I saw a few elements here and there on different themes that I thought were nice, but nothing complete enough that I would just use.

Then I saw one that was mostly acceptable, so here we are. Or at least we would be if I didn’t change my mind in the middle of writing this post. Other than the header font, which I kind of despise for being too classy for this site, and being tall and skinny (skinny = evil!), the theme in general is just a bit…plain (screenshot in case I’ve already changed the site). It’s like my car. It looked nice stock but with the color I got (dark silver) it was lacking in a way, until I got STRIPES. The borderline ridiculous tackiness does wonders to cancel out the boringness.

In the meantime here’s the site logo text in 1:1 pixel form:


And old timey man, let’s call him “Berge” from now on, is proving to be difficult in a 16×16 pixel space. Pretty sure it’s doable (small Mario’s entire NES sprite is 12×16 pixels!) but it’ll take some time. Here’s a 32×32 (technically 28×24) version I did pretty quickly yesterday: